Oct 27, 2012

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Never Give Up

Never Give Up

It is said that hope dies last. This YouTube movie shows the fate of a man who could not come to terms with the diagnosis of the doctors. Doctors said that he would never be able to walk on his own. But his tenacity, the will to fight and the strength of his spirit allowed him to return to a normal life. He is a hero, not because he was a soldier, but because he never gave up, he kept the spark alive and made it into a roaring inferno!

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  1. werstardust says:

    Wow!!!! You came such a long way. Thankyou for fighting for our country first of all. It looks like the fighting you did for yourself was extremely hard. I really enjoyed your video. It was great to see someone beat the odds of a diagnosis such as yours.
    Its just amazing the power that is within you.

  2. dena foster says:

    Great job ! amazing …… made me cry Good for You

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