Mar 3, 2012

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Dubstep Violin

Dubstep Violin

In old Europe, violin instrument was considered not suitable for young women. It was thought that the violin could deform the female silhouette. But today we know that those beliefs are complete nonsense, and this YouTube video certainly proves it. Here is the Utube music video that presents an unusual combination of classical music and dubstep. Beautiful and talented violinist, who appears in this video clip is Lindsey Stirling.

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  1. Kurt Koevenig says:

    Loved it! I want more. I am going to try to download this. Please keep up with the Dubstep Violin.

  2. lena raulston says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! of course u should keep going and doing whatever it is that brings the world that amazing entertainment. not only was it beautiful to listen to very entertaining to watch I have to admit that had u not been dancing while play the violin i prob would not have watched it but ur facial expression mixed wit the dance and the music…… seems like a force that is unstoppable!! u go girl keep up the good work.:)

  3. I really enjoyed your music, especiallly your first part where you danced with your music. There was a musical Peter and the Wolf in which the different musical instruments became the actions of the characters on the screen. does the ice reflect the sound of the violin? Loved it.

  4. Amazing. Beautiful music and I loved the setting. GREAT job

  5. This was absolutely fabulous! You reminded me of a fairy or a pixie, doing magic. I could also see you dubstepping through some gothic or mediteranean castles. It was magical and takes you to another time and element. Keep it up!

  6. Daniel Hall says:

    nicely done very expressful music and body language

  7. Pure magic!!!! I was enthralled by the music coupled with your movements while playing. Very impressive!!! Keep up the great work.

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