Jun 20, 2011

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Heartbreaking Boy

Heartbreaking Boy

3-year-old Sung-Bong Choi was put into an orphanage. When he was 5 years old, he escaped from the orphanage and since then he lives on his own. Not being able to attend singing lessons, just listening to and imitating others, he learned to sing in such a way that the jury and spectators of the Korean “Got Talent” could not stop the tears. Does his life change after the performance in this program?

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  1. Scott Self says:

    This young man is awesome. I have not cryed in a long time. But his story really touched me.

  2. I couldn’t stop the tears! What a great voice! He’ll be heard around the world and have a home of his own real soon!

  3. I think this young man has a chance building his life for the better. Being a music artist is a hard thing to do. If you have the right people backing you up you can become a fantastic vocalist. I hope his dreams do come true.

  4. lena kelly says:

    oh that was so good cried a lot hope he makes it big time god bless

  5. arona reiner says:

    wonderful what a gift!

  6. with a voice lack that this young man should never have to live in the streets ever again! god has blessed him with a beautiful voice.

  7. this young man made me cry his true story of life young hood i could not understand his wording of song i wish they have that in english translation but his clips of his childhood life touched my heart made me cry i wish i could be their in his childhood i could make him feel good through his hard time of life i pray to god not give any child that kind childhood that he had god bless man that s all i can say

  8. Gena says says:

    Really touched me. He sang so good. I could not understand the words but just to listen to his voice was so amazing. I never reply on any of these things or go on utube. But I felt I had to make a comment on this. I am so inspired by his storie. I pray for him to have happiness the rest of his life.

  9. dena foster says:

    Great job! we are all put on earth with a purpose he was put here to make people smile

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